I'd like to think I'm pretty in touch with the indie pop scene, but Nashville's Bien definitely slipped through my radar. Their debut EP was released a few months ago and tracks such as "Crowd Goes Wild" deserved so much more recognition. It's the sort of uplifting pop that soothes the soul and reinvigorates the mind, but ultimately makes you feel insanely high spirited. The bouncy synth driven production coupled with sweeping strings is an absolute match made in heaven with the whimsical vocals on display.

- Indie Shuffle

"Whenever you come across a new band, fall in love with their music the second you hear it, and notice the small following they have, it's always a perplexing moment. Bien, a duo from Nashville, is one such act, and their self-titled debut EP that dropped in September needs to be heard. Their sound is the epitome of dream-pop, so, if you're a fan of music in that realm, there's no question you're going to love this body of work."

- Hillydilly

BIEN is a Nashville-based indie-pop band. What began as two writers wanting to write without limitations, evolved into a collaboration with producer Tim Lauer, and BIEN was born. Between dreamy synths, unique melodies, sweeping strings, and dance-y beats, the songs cover a colorful spectrum of emotion. The lyrics don’t waste a single word, and at the same time don’t feel written. 

“Can’t resist can’t help but feel this beat, can’t resist can’t help but move your feet...pop! pop! pop! like Confetti...” their first single, Confetti, is simply irresistible.


Episode 732 / Ft. Crowd Goes Wild and One Degree

Episode 732 / Ft. Crowd Goes Wild and One Degree